Various, Back Beat 12″ E.P. | Fade 2 Grey

Various, Back Beat 12″ E.P.

Various, Back Beat 12″ E.P.


back beat ep front 1


back beat ep a side



Butain – The New Mutants

Living In The Shadows – Monsters In The Closet

Religion Is A Dirty Bitch – Bruise

Theme From ‘Harry Monk’ Pt.2 (Edit) – Deep Joy


back beat ep b side





This is an E.P. sponsored by the Milton Keynes Green Party and featured unsigned four bands.

I bought this 12″ E.P. because it has another Graham Skinner band Bruise featured on it along with Deep Joy, Monsters In The Closet and The New Mutants. The Bruise track is my favourite here and very different to what you´d normally expect to hear from Graham Skinner.I think they only released one more track called Excuse Me on another Various compilation of unsigned bands.

back beat ep inner 2

back beat ep inner

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