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The Shine

The Shine, Singles, 1985-86





Shadow Dancing (Extended Version) 1985

Shadow Dancing (7inch version) 1985

Kiss Me (But Don´t Believe) 1985

I Dream In Blue (Extended Version) 1986

I Dream In Blue (7inch version) 1986

Last Time Around 1986

Tell Tale Heart, 1983

Days Are Fine (And The Night Swings) 1983





Fab singles shame there wasn´t more from the band, although Neil´s Lockwood did release this single a couple of years earlier called Tell Tale Heart, not too be honest not great.

More info on Neil work here


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  1. Claudio says:

    You are always a surprise Mikey! I didn’t think you could have also all these tracks of The Shine! Great synthpop tunes! Thank you infinitely! Claudio

  2. Efstathiou Stathis says:


    one more request please

    can you perost these singles?

    Thank you very much
    Efstathiou Stathis

  3. Efstathiou Stathis says:

    Thank you very much

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