The Presidents Men | Fade 2 Grey

The Presidents Men

The Presidents Men, Candidate, 1984


Side 1


Side 2

The Day Before

One In A Million







 Jeremy Cottterill- Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars

Lee Watt- drums

Jon Harris– electric guitars and all keyboards

Paul Sands– bass

Saxophone- Scott Povey


Love this EP by The Presidents Men, “This is a double A Side play loud” the best being Candidate with a nice fab sax solo in it.

I received a message from Paul Sands who kindly gave some more information on the band.

“Just found your site. It’s got the single my band (Presidents Men) made back in the 80’s. Made me smile from ear to ear 🙂 Thanks”

“Good to hear Paul, Is this your only release, and were the band from Nottingham like Gaffa?”

“Unfortunately yes this was our only proper release.

We did a couple of demo tapes prior to that and on the back of this single we also got a three song Radio Trent session were we once again utilized ScotT Povey the sax player for a couple of songs.

We were all local lads from Nottingham yes. Met up while we were in different bands through the Nottingham Music Combine which was a collective of musicians sharing resources (I had a Bedford Van so was popular).

Initially our keyboard/guitarist was a girl called Lisa Keenan but she left early 1983 and was replaced by Jon Harris”




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