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The Action Transfers

The Action Transfers, The Light (Oh Baby!) 1984



Side 1

The Light (Oh Baby!)

Side 2

The Right To Remain Silent








The Action Transfers are:

Ian Wilson O´Brian – vocals

Mike Ahern – vocals, other [sound effects]

Alan McCulloch – drums

Dave Greenald – percussion, synthesizer, vocals

Dave Wibberley – guitar vocals

The Light (Oh Baby!) is a fantastic single which so should have been a hit, reminds me a little of early Human League.

The Right To Remain Silent is a lovely piano instrumental.

Here is what lead singer Ian OBrian has to say about his time in the band on Last FM

“Hi people, I am Ian O’Brien and was the lead singer with the Action Transfers believe it or not! I sang lead vocals on all Transfers releases including the mighty ‘The Light’. The Light was recorded at Amazon studios in Liverpool, I distinctly remember the Bunneymen where in the next studio, McCulloch blanked me, one of only two rock stars to have done so and lived to tell the tale, the other being Paul Weller who pulled the same trick at a Transfers gig he attended at the Marquee in the 80’s. However I caught up with him in Tokyo last year and put the record straight.

Getting back to the record (so to speak) I knew when I listened to a rough mix of my master vocal (in the back of a van speeding towards more beer in Chester) that we had something special.I sang the song for my brother John who had shed his mortal coil some months previously, so it was a curious mix of emotions to hear the song on radio’s, juke box’s, pensioners raves etc.

I look back on my days with the Transfers with consummate delight tinged with complete disbelief at some of the scenes and situations we found ourselves in.

I carried on as a singer/writer/drinker after the Transfer’s, bizarre as it may seem, I ended up staying off and on and recording with Queens Roger Taylor for a year. I co -wrote and recorded an album on Rogers Smashing Records label with The DNA Cowboys, got some great stuff down on tape which I will post for you to enjoy soon. I was advised, during this time, that Genesis had been checking me out as a replacement for Mr Collins, imagine my disbelief (whilst I was performing at Roger Taylor’s 50’Th birthday bash) when the surviving members of the said Genesis appeared front of stage, all ears”



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