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Tayce (feat Andy Scott)

Tayce (feat Andy Scott) Love Is Like Oxygen (Dance Mix), 1991


 tayce frontSide 1
Love Is Like Oxygen (Dance Mix)

Side 2
Walk On Water

Produced by Mike Bennett, Tayce Lynette and Tony Lowe

Tacye Lynette, Vocals
Andy Scott, Guitar

The Band

Bob Skeat, Bass
Zok Zoran, Guitar
Debbie Warren, Keyboards
Brian Mahon, Drums
Kat Evans and Anne Stephenson, Violins

Male Vocals provided by Hiding In The Tall Grass.

Photographs Dick Barnett (Sweet fans may find this interesting)

A good cover of the Sweet classic which also features Sweet´s guitarist Andy Scott, this is the dance mix.
It didn’t say when I bought it that this was the dance mix so now I´m looking for the original non dance mix if it exists!

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  1. Joel Goodsen says:

    Damn.. too late :/ A reupload would be much appreciated for this one. Thank you for your help Mike

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