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Shox, Siam & Intro

Shox, Siam & Intro

Here is a comment from singer Jacqui Brookes

“Thanks for your lovely comments everyone, I so enjoyed our short time on the scene… And yes, you were right about the industry! Love to you Jacqui xxxxx”

Visit the Shox/Siam/Intro and Jacqui Brookes facebook page here

Shox, 1980

Shox were a trio of  Jacqui Brooks- singer, John Pethers- synthesisers, programming and vocals and Mike Atkinson- synthesizers and programming.

Shox only made this one excellent single.

Side 1

No Turning Back

Side 2

Lying Here

Now available to buy on itunes here

Siam, 1981

Siam were Jacqui Brookes- vocals, Peter Bartlett-Bass, Alan Hodgson-drums, Chris Baylis-Guitars and Pie-keyboards.

Siam made three good singles which were synth/new wave sounding.

Side A

Don´t Look Back

Produced by Wally Brill

Side B

Sitting Pretty

Produced by Siam

Side A


Produced by Colin Thurston

Side B


Produced by Colin Thurston

Side A

Deja Vu

Produced by Bob Sargeant

Side B

Blue Eye View

Produced by Bob Sargeant




Intro, 1983

Intro were Jacqui Brookes and Jimme O´Neil from Fingerprintz and The Silencers.

They made two fab singles together.

Side A

Haunted Cocktails

Side B

Haunted Cocktails (Haunted Mix)

Produced by Mike Hedges

Side a

Lost Without Your Love

Side B

Lost Mix ( Musak Superior)











23 Responses to “Shox, Siam & Intro”

  1. Jenny says:

    Very cool!! Thanks for this!!!


  2. YouriLeGod says:

    Another band I have all the singles from. Saw them live when they supported OMD at Manchester Apollo in or around 1981. Never thought I would ever find a download though.

    You don’t have the ‘Hicks from the Sticks album do you? Got some tracks but not all.

    Yet again, thanks for this, but can’t download Don’t Look Back for some reason.

  3. adminmike says:

    Thanks for your comment, try the download again as it works ok for me, and you can find Hick´s From The Sticks here

    cheers Mikey

  4. YouriLeGod says:

    That worked and its a song I could still sing in my head even though I hadn’t heard it for 30 years. Also got the Hicks from the Sticks LP too.

    Not many left to get now. Got a vinyl version of Sophie and Peter Johnston LP. You haven’t a link to that have you?

    Also are there any songs you are after, I may have them as mp3 and could send you if you wanted.

  5. Luca says:

    Good morning and good week Mike, any chance to repost these wonderful tracks? Thankkkk you! God bless you

  6. Luca says:

    Infinite thanks Mikey! Great music and great voice of Jacqui Brookes, who deserved more consideration! Only a thing: instead of haunted cocktails by Intro it appears a link of the leather nun! May you control? Greetings, Luca

  7. TheMikeN says:

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for presenting the set of singles so fully with all the sleeve and disc pics. I am a huge fan of Fingerprintz and the Silencers and bought the Intro singles (then the Siam, then the Shox) because of the Jimme O’Neill link. The Intro 7″ and 12″ single versions are a bit different from each other but otherwise you have included everything, I think. Lost Without Your Love was re-released as a 7″ solo single by Jacqui Brookes a few months after the Intro release – same single though! The US 12″ promo for the JB solo LWYL is the only item I don’t have – still the same versions but without Epic on the b-side.

    Jacqui Brookes now runs a company that does hi-tech music education – workshops for schools and stuff like that – called Sound Architect.

    The Lost Without Your Love video is on YouTube and is well worth a look. A couple of Siam live clips are there too.

    • adminmike says:

      Hi thankyou for your comment and the info about Jacqui Brookes good to hear she is still working with music and I´ll check out the video, thanks again Mikey

  8. antonio says:

    Jacqui Brookes was one of those singers of the eighties
    he knew to be in the right group at the right time
    he had plenty of talent, a fantastic voice, a seductive image,stunning beauty, which was beautiful, I love this woman.had everything to win but once again the music industry more stale and outdated look the other way.
    worse for them.I’ll take everything that made ​​this great artist,highlighting the strength and subtle power of his song. Lost Without Your Love.
    fantastic bass guitar and bassist
    a success in its own right, a top hit lost
    gracias for uploading
    un saludo mike

  9. Jacqui Brookes says:

    Thanks for your lovely comments everyone, I so enjoyed our short time on the scene… And yes, you were right about the industry! Love to you Jacqui xxxxx

  10. Dave says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make these available for download Mike. I really appreciate you doing so. It must be quite time consuming.

    I was very much a Marquee junkie throughout the 80s; I’d go at least twice a week and usually more. My tastes were usually confined to NWOBHM and North American bands like Loverboy and Mr Mister, and so on. But, in the interest of trying something different, we went to see Siam there one evening. Next thing we know we found ourselves following them around to Putney, Herne Hill, Harlow, Chadwell Heath, Cambridge and Oxford. During which time we got to know them and June Bolan somewhat. It seems like yesterday. And I miss those times.

    I still have all the above vinyl singles and the live album, but no longer have the means with which to play them. So it was great reacquainting myself with your uploads after such a long time.

    I also still have my own personal white and light blue Siam t-shirt – they didn’t actually have any merchandise for sale. So I got one printed up myself; in Selfridges believe it or not – that was the only place I could find that printed personailsed shirts. I used to love wearing that shirt to gigs. Sadly is a bit on the small side for me these days. But I still have the original plastic Siam / Jacqui template that I gave to Selfridges to make the shirt. Perhaps now would be a good time to get myself another (larger) shirt made.

    • adminmike says:

      Hi Dave,
      great to hear your Siam story, I´m envious I have only been to the Marquee once to see The Sweet (which was filmed) but would have loved to be around seeing goigs then, yes perhaps a new T´Shirt is the way to go, thanks for your comment it made me smile, all the best Mikey

  11. TheMikeN says:

    The other missing item from your photos and listings is the 7″/12″ release of Trains and Boats and Planes b/w Departures. Pic sleeve was very much like the one for the album. The 12″ version was an extended one.

    Great to return to this page and find that Jacqui has been in touch!

  12. patrick david hunt says:

    Corporate drivel like this could be picked up for 10p a single from the Record & Tape exchange in London all through the eighties.

    For messrs Thurston & Sergeant to get involved at all, must of been either big cash from record companies or they wanted to get into her pants.

    Lost Treasure? Better stay lost.

    • adminmike says:

      Well Patrick everybody has their own views and taste, who are we to say whats right or wrong/good or bad? for me I love Jacqui Brookes Music. Thankyou for your comment Mikey

  13. Cliff joyner says:

    Hi everyone..ive just stumbled across these comments and am glad to see that jaqui is still involved in music..i remember the crazy days of the electric stadium chadwell heath..watching siam a few times there and all us chadwell heath boys became avid followers and travelled all over the place to watch their they never made it bigger il never know..i still have the siam live album recorded at the electric stadium..we often used to go backstage for autographs..great days and great music il treasure for ever..

  14. I stumbled upon “Haunted Cocktails” on the “Return of Flexi-pop” albums and immediately fell in love with it. I couldn’t believe such a great song was so obscure and became ravenous for more material. Thanks for the post, I really appreciate the opportunity to hear more from such a great artist.

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