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Shadow Talk

Shadow Talk, You Could Be Mine, 1984



shadow talk front

shadow talk aside

shadow talk bside

shadow talk back

Great single which really should have been a hit,as far as I can tell Shadow Talk released just two singles , this one and People Watching People which you can hear at Mine For Life´s blog here


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  1. Claudio says:

    Hi Mikey! To complete your Shadowtalk discography here you can find the other bside of the 12″ single “People watching people”, called “Touch of luck”!
    Here the song:

  2. Dominik500 says:


    The band you’re thinking of is Shadow Talk from Arizona. They released two self-produced albums, “Sharks & Guitars” in 1987 and “Fire” in 1988. This Shadow Talk is from the UK, so unless a major relocation happened in 1986, I think these are different bands.

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