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Scala Timpani

Scala Timpani, Winds Of Change,1985




label a


Wind Of Change


label b


Russell Courtenay-Drums

Chesh Wegrzynski-Guitar

Simon Elliot-Kemp-Keyboards

Alistair Broadhead-Bass

Russ Bonnell-Vocals


I bought this single for the b-side as I already loved the a-side but was a little dissapointed as Winds Of Change is actually on both sides of the disc missing Destiny, so if anyone has Destiny to share I´d love a copy.

This was Russell Bonnell´s band after spliting from Vision, they only released this one single they did actually record another single which was shelved called Whisper/Who Are You.They also recorded a John Peel session in 1985 playing the tracks Crazy,Utopian Sunday and The Underlined Reaction.

John Peel Session,1985

john peel session front


Utopian Sunday

The Underlined Reaction

john peel session BACK


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  1. Mono says:

    Thank you, I’ve been looking for more songs from this short-lived band, especially their Peel Sessions. Could the “Destiny” title be a pressing error? There’s another issue of this single with a blue label, maybe that one contains the real “Destiny” track instead of the instrumental version of “Winds of Change”.

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