Savage Progress | Fade 2 Grey

Savage Progress

Savage Progress, Burning Bush(Testify) 1984

Side A

Burning Bush (Testify)

Side B

Tears Of Love







4 Responses to “Savage Progress”

  1. VanceMan says:

    I has missed out completely on Savage Progress “in the day,” but I found several 12″ singles at a library sale for pennies a piece. I fell in love with them and can’t imagine how they didn’t end up being a bigger success.

  2. DJ BIFFY says:

    Great selection. I recently found a mint condition copy of the ‘Burning Bush’ 12″ still sealed along with the 12″ of ‘Heart Begin To Beat.’ Picked up both for .99 cents. Was going to re-master to CD, but you beat me to the punch. Once again…thank you.

  3. antonio says:

    fantastic band of the eighties
    could say they are a bit elecronicos
    pop with a touch of tribal
    all that and ecuchado of them is really good, quality
    great contribution friend

  4. Luca says:

    Good morning Mike! Great tunes! Don’t you have the other 2 singles of this band? A lot of thanks Luca

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