Poly Styrene | Fade 2 Grey

Poly Styrene

Poly Styrene, Gods & Godesses, 1986

Side A

Trick Of The Witch


Side AA

Sacred Temple

Big Boy Big Toy

Vinyl Download

This is a fantastic record from Poly Styrene.

Side A has the excellent rousing Trick Of The Witch and Paramanta while side AA has my favourite song here Big Boy Big Toy which would of made a good single in it´s own right -quirky like Lene Lovich and Sacred Temple which is like her solo work on her Translucence album

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  1. Joel Goodsen says:

    Poly Styrene, neva heard about this band, you drive me crazy Mikey…

  2. FuriousPig says:

    I loved X-ray Spex & had no idea Poly carried on afterwards. Thanks for the education & the post.

  3. DanaDot Com says:

    Heads up: Poly’s a chick, not a band. I remember buying this EP in England and it remained in my hands the entire way back to the US. I actually just ripped the audio so I could add it to my MP3 player and the songs have held up quite well. “Paramatma” totally pulls you into another dimension, where you can see all the players jamming with crossed legs & surrounded by bright colors and hookahs. Too bad Poly’s last album was actually her last, as she died on the day of its release. After decades of being away from the scene she came back with great stride, contemporary, and still with a lot to say. Germ Free Adolescents remains one of the most cartoonish & articulate statements of the Punk Era.

    • Ben says:

      Wondering if I could get a copy of Paramatma from you….On MP3 Will pay you if I have to… I have Trick of the witch but lost Paramatma years ago…Love that song so much..I had the same exact record. I ripped it to MP3 but lost it somehow..Please..Please…Can’t find it anywhere, I have been searching for it for years…….Sincerely,


  4. PolyFan says:

    Where can I get this in mp3? I need this to dance to the Goddess!

    PS Love the picture disc below of Bowie’s Low album. An overlooked album that I just love.


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