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Peter Marsh

Peter Marsh, Singles Collection 1980-1984



Don´t Be Foolish

Doesn’t Matter

You Say You Wanna Love Me

I Won´t Let You Go


There´s A Time In Every Day






I first time I came across Peter Marsh was when I bought an album called Nicol and Marsh in 1979. What I liked about this album was Peter´s voice.

The next time I heard peter sing was in 1980 when the local radio -I never heard it on National radio- played Don´t Be Foolish, I fell in love with this song along with it´s b-side Doesn’t Matter.It is still one of my all time favorite singles.

When I bought the single it was just credited as a Peter Marsh single although now I have just re-bought it (as I stood on my copy and snapped it!!) and as you can see from the sleeve it´s credited to Peter Marsh and Vangelis who wrote the music and also produced this classic single.

There were two more singles on the  Polydor label after Don´t Be Foolish the second one is my favorite of these, it still has a good synth sound to it as does the B-Side I won´t Let You Go.

The final single was Harmony which was covered by Hazel Dean on her debut album and was released as a single in Germany has more of a polished MOR sound I prefer the b-side There´s A Time In Everyday.

I didn’t buy any of Peter´s other solo singles until recently because to be honest with you I didn´t realize they existed.

Peter was also a member of Easy Street along with Ken Nicol – Steely Span,  Albion Band– and Landscape member Richard James Burges. He has also work in a band called  Twist in 1979 and on the Manfred Mann’s Earth  Band album Chance to which he sang on the track Stranded.

In 1982 Peter (under the Alias Tinker) was a member of Blanket Of Secrecy who released one excellent album The Ears Have Walls in 1982.

For more info on what Peter has recorded recently go here to visit his Tomko Marsh site


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