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Pamela Stephenson


Pamela Stephenson, Unusual Treatment, 1982





Side A
Mr Wrong
Preger, Burgess, Walters

Side B
Music Bitch Weekly
Preger, Stephenson, Jenkin

Side C
Italian Shoes
Preger, Burgess, Walters

Side D
Pretty Boys
Preger, Burgess, Walters

All vocals; Pamela Stephenson
Drums; Stuart Elliot
Bass; Andy Pask
Guitar; David Rhodes, Gary Kemp
Arranged by John Walters
Produced by Richard James Burgess

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Pamela an actress, comedian and married to Billy Connolly.
Pamela made her name in the UK on the TV series Not The Nine O┬┤Clock News in which she sang in some of the sketches including a parodie of Kate Bush.
Pamela released this double pack single in 1982, I remember buying it originally because I thought and still think sleeve was great.

I wish that could say the same for the music, the best track is Italian Shoes which is a conventional song and to be honest theonly track I can remember from this set being my favourate and only song which I played, Mr Wrong has Pam singing in a strange voice- not a good one- Music Bitch Weekly is humourous but only warrents one listen and Pretty Boy is just so so.

In 1996 Pamela gained a doctorate in clinical psychology from the California Graduate Institute, I wonder what she now thinks of the singles sleeve!!

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