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Just Divorced

front single


Japanese Garden


Best Of Both Worlds









Just Divorced: Arto Hakkanen, Juha Markkanen and Kari Pesonen.

Japanese Garden is a good synthy/new wave single (although I do prefer the b-side) by Finnish band called Just Divorced.

This was their second single sung in English as far as I can tell.Their first single was called All Fall Down and included two more tracks Keep Talking and Lonely Boys-if anyone has a copy I´d love to hear it-

The band released an album in 1985 called Läntinen Lupaus which included a couple of singles,one of which I´ve included in this download called Kello Käy/Pieniä Nuolia if you like them you can buy the album download from itunes and Amazon.

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  1. VanceMan says:

    Much more interesting than I thought it would be. Thanks for making this one available.

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