Julie Wallis | Fade 2 Grey

Julie Wallis

Side 1

Wild Thing

Produced by Terry Noon/Arranger Martin Judd

Side 2

I Used To Be Your Number One

Produced by Terry Noon/Richard Thorne

Vinyl Download

I don´t know who Julie Wallis is so any info would be great. I do know that she recorded two cover versions, this a cover of The Trogg´s classic Wild Thing, which I really like and her other cover is of the Rolf Harris Sunarise which is also not bad. Both singles have original B-Side written by Julie and Richard Thorne, both uptempo new waveish tracks.

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  1. antonio says:

    Hello.much encouragement, and thanks for your great blog.great song and beautiful woman.when you can,
    please reupload and upload the uk synthpop band
    Vision singles:Calling Of The Wild and the b side
    Call Time(a masterpiece for me) very thanks.antonio

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