Howard Grace | Fade 2 Grey

Howard Grace

Howard Grace, Monovision, 1985

A-Side Monovision

B-Side Automation

Vinyl Download

With a titles like Monovision and Automation Howard had to come from the 80´s, I love both tracks especialy Monovision, fantastic song, and Automation sounds like Thomas Dolby.I believe he made another single called Columbo which to be honest is awful.

3 Responses to “Howard Grace”

  1. MCJenkins says:

    I actually enjoyed the slowed down beginning. I was trying to figure out why his voice was so trippy sounding and why everything sounded so alien.

  2. Mikeyten says:

    Hi MCJenkins thanks for the comment , im glad you enjoyed this track

  3. Joel Goodsen says:

    One love for your pretty work Mike! I will wait for a new link, thanks to you!

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