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Fotostat, Fotostat, 1983

Fotostat Front





Fotostat II







Twin brothers Glenn and Mark Robertson were a synthpop duo named Fotostat and are best known for their robotic dancing in the early 80´s which was similar similar to Tik & Tok.

Fotostat  began doing robotic dancing at Xenon and Stringfellows. It was at Xenon nightclub that they were discovered and were soon featured in a Technics advert for the 315 stereo system.

Glenn and Mark released just one single, but did perform  on a TV show singing a track called Brave New World. Hopefully one day it will get a release.(or if anyone has a copy to share?)

They also  appeared on TV with their robotoc dancing standing in for Kraftwerk  on Top Of The Pops when they were no 1 with The Model, as well as appearing int the video with Queen (Calling All The Girls video) and in Pete Townsend´s (Uniforms Video).

The brothers Robertson went on to record a single under the name of Sons Of Valentino called Just Dreaming 1989 (my next post) and then became the Royal Bastards who opened for Vince Neil and Motley Crew in the 90.s

Glenn is playing in the Dirty Ground band which you can find on their  Reverbnation page here

Also you will find Glenn´s YouTube channel here which has Fotostat, Dirty Ground videos and a great Sons Of Valentino video for the song Rosalyn.

fotoMark aka Markstat is also still making music,and also an artist . Visit his Myspace page here and his Reverbnation page both include music and photos of his art.

Fotostat Official page here




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