Faction | Fade 2 Grey


Faction, Faction, 1981

1Side 1


Side 2

Wrong Again

The B-side is brilliant on this single, very Gary Numanesque much better than the A-Side.

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  1. mij says:

    ok. yours is the best blog in the blogoshpere! it’s official! thanks for uploading these hard-to-find gems from the 70s, 80s, 90s!
    as to the faction series, you may find the Hillon/Redmond Faction’s first lp on the music-isms blog.
    looking forward for soon-yo-be unearthed treasures. best. mij

  2. miran0019 says:

    Hi there. The download link above leads to “The Eagle Has Landed” single, not the single you’ve listed here. Any chance you could correct the link or repost this single? Thanks very much! Looking forward to hearing this . . .

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