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Exotica Maximus

Exotica Maximus,, Paint Ii Black, 1983


exotica maximus front

exotica maximus label a


Paint It Black

Western Fields

exotica maximus label b

exotica maximus back

Love this Rolling Stones synth cover version by Exotica Maximus and the B-side Western Fields is superb too. The single sleeve says they cam from an album called “Winstons Room” which I can´t find anywhere so if anyone can point me in the right direction I´d love a listen.

I´ve also included another single by the band which is even better than the first one pure synthpop, makes you want to hear the album so much more.

Exotica Maximus, Younger Now, 1983

younger now


Younger Now




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  1. Claudio says:

    Wow! I was looking for these from many years! Wonderful 7inches! Never known they released an album!

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