Empire | Fade 2 Grey




This Is My Word

This Is My Word (Extended)

Big City

Big City (Extended)

My Imagination

Because Of You

Give Me Some Time

Talk Free


4 Responses to “Empire”

  1. YouriLeGod says:

    I’ve been on a mission to get all my vinyl onto my iPod as downloads. This is another one I had never been able to find. Thanks for this and others you have supplied

  2. 22ndWave says:

    Hey, another band I’d love to hear more of. I remember hearing My Imagination once and quite liking it. Have these guys got more good tracks like this one?

  3. woodsisi says:

    Thank you – yes, a fab single

  4. woodsisi says:

    I like this band, tks for posting – I’ve been trying to find ‘My Imagination’ (Extended) fooooooooorever!!!!

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