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Donna Destri

Donna Destri,Rebel Rebel,1983

1 front


Side 1 Side 2
Rebel Rebel (7inch Version) Rebel Rebel (Club Mix)
Little Boy Rebel Rebel (Club Mix)







Donna Destri is best know as a backing singer with Blondie, she is Jimmy Destri´s sister.

To be honest this is not the greatest cover of a David Bowie song but I do quiet like the 12inch version.

Here is what Donna had to say about the single in an interview with Punk Globe

“I didn’t want to cover Rebel Rebel and I think it’s painfully apparent in the vocal performance. I wanted to do an early Bowie song like In the Heat of the Morning, or Can’t Help Thinking about Me but Defries did not have the publishing on those tunes. I can’t listen to Rebel Rebel…to this day. The video was fun to do, however. Incidentally, it won first prize at the Houston Film Festival.

Donna is still making music today with Steven Jones.

Visit Donna´s facebook page here

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  1. VanceMan says:

    Interesting … I had no idea this existed. I think the first Billy Idol version of “Mony Mony” must have been on their minds.

  2. Hilda says:

    Strange Magic by Steven Jones & Donna Destri:

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