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Blood Donor, Rice Harvest, 1979



Rice Harvest


Something Happened

Here is a collection of interesting songs from Keith Hale´s Blood Donor, among my favorites here are the new wave synth track Doctor? and it´s B-Side Soap Box Blues.

Blood Donor n the same label as Toyah – Safari-.  Keith  produced Sheep Farming In Barnet wrote and recorded It´s A Mystery with Blood Donor which went on to become one of Toyah´s biggest hits a UK no 4.

Keith also played on Snips album Video King and with Hawkwind on their album Zones.Rubber Revolution and Chemical Babies are also great new wave tracks.


Blood Donor, Rubber Revolution, 1979


Side A

Rubber Revolution

Side B

Chemical Babies

Blood Donor, Doctor?, 1980


Side A


Side B

Soap Box Blues



3 Responses to “Blood Donor”

  1. antonio says:

    but where do you get these gems mike.
    you had to have been a detective,
    sure you would have done well.
    fabulous singles of this fabulous band
    of which only had knowledge.
    simply exceptional.late 70s and 80s best.
    thank you very much for uploading,
    my sincere thanks friend.
    thanks and regards

  2. RobLoveEighties says:

    Hey my friend, you been post many singles collection by 80’s bands. Do you have something for 1000 OHM? You posted I Think She Understood, i love this song too, but the link is from the late megaupload. I’ll wait for your next post and by the way i loved Positive Noise, Kuruki and Seona Dancing posts.

  3. RobLoveEighties says:

    Do you have this one: Project One – Look Out (Project Mix) AND (Interface Dance), there’s a video in YouTube.If you don’t have thanks anyway.

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