Bim | Fade 2 Grey


Bim, Romance, 1981


Side 1


Side 2

She Called Me Robert





Happy Valentines day and what better way to celebrate with a little Romance from Bim. The single also features the non album B-side She Called Me Robert.I have also included the 12 extended version.

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  1. cozy t says:

    many thanks for this and all the other BIM mp3’s
    I didn’t know the band were signed to sire records at the time
    it’s a joy to hear the songs again after nearly 26 years

    thanks once again

  2. Nice to see this here – Bobby Henry (The “Robert” of “She Called me Robert” and the same one who wrote “Romance” died very suddenly late in 2011. He had only started to see the BIM tracks appearing on the net when he passed.



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