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Bim, Delicious Gone Wrong,1980


Deicious Gone Wrong



Another single by Bim which I hadn´t heard until this week, and what a good tune it is too.The B-Side is also a fab tune and well worth adding to your Bim collection.

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  1. Jan Van Hoorickx says:

    hello, I’ve been a music lover/maniac all my life (pushing sixty now!) I have always made charts of my own. It’s wonderful to find all kinds of musical treasures from the past. Every now and then I come across a song that I don’t even remember anymore. This is the case with “Something’s gone wrong” by BIM. I cannot seem to find it on youtube. That’s why I was wondering if perhaps there is a possibility of mailing/sending me an mp3 file with that particular song. I would be very grateful to you and your service. Greets,jan

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