Almost Alone | Fade 2 Grey

Almost Alone

Almost Alone, Blue City, 1983



Side 1

Blue City

Side 2

It´s So Sad



Good symthpop from this duo, shame they only released this one single (unless you know different?)

4 Responses to “Almost Alone”

  1. Claudio says:

    Very good synthpop songs! Very 80s!
    Thank you Mikey for posting this rare single

  2. woodsisi says:

    just heard this on youtube, great song! any chance you could re-upload? as always thank you

  3. Woodsisi says:

    Producer John Fryer has worked with Erasure, Fad Gadget, etc – you know you’re going to get some good synth-pop!

  4. Simon P Chandler says:

    I am one half of Almost Alone and I enjoy your comments. I also have a few original copies for sale. simonchandler at ymail dot com

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