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Alan Darby

Repost – Alan Darby. Dont Suffer And Be Still, 1987


Don´t Suffer And Be Still (Broken record edit remix!)


Don´t Suffer And Be Still*

Soundcheck (Live)

 Broken Vinyl rip Download

Alan Darby sang vocals on Fashion´s excellent album Twilight Of Idols and he released a couple of singles, this one which I like and the not so good Charge You Up. Not as good as his work with Fashion but still interesting to hear.

This is the first record I have received which has been broken (bugger them posties!) so I cant really grumble. The A-Side is a dance mix which is shorter than it should be sorry and the B-Side is the 7inch version in full as I already had an mp3 of the song (thanks to the original up loader*). Soundcheck live is an instrumental of Don´t Suffer And Be Still. I have also included Charge You Up in the download.

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  1. Joel Goodsen says:

    I’m looking for this one for sooo long… You’re my hero Big Mikeyten! But it seems that the link be dead today :/
    Could you take the time to create a new link? Thank you very, very, very much

  2. Joel Goodsen says:

    Thank you once again for all those re-up you made for us Big Mikeyten! You’re a real nice guy

  3. Claudio says:

    Hi Mikey! I’m liking this single! Maybe you have his other single “Charge you up”?
    Thanks Claudio

  4. claudio says:

    Thanks Mikey!

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