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Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs Of The Heart,Waterloo Sunset,Scrub Mix 1983


Waterloo Sunset (Dance Mix)

Waterloo Sunset

Waterloo Sunset (Dub Mix)

Waterloo Sunset (Scrub Mix)



3 Responses to “Affairs Of The Heart”

  1. tech says:

    Thanx Mikey,

    I have been looking for "Affairs Of The Heart – Waterloo Sunset" in years, words cannot express will enough …. you are a saint.

    Btw, why not post the extended version too?


  2. Mikeyten says:

    Here you go Lou the 7inch and the extended version is in one of the links, cheers Mikey

  3. antonio says:

    first, all my respect for the legendary Kinks.
    second, wonderful eighties synthpop single
    pure fantasy dream, that voice and than good
    sound these analog synthesizers
    a gem
    thanks and regards

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