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A Box Of Toys

Box Of Toys, Singles



Im´Thinking Of You Now, 1983


Side 1

I´m Thinking Of You Know – 1983

Side 2

Old Man Rome – 1983





Precious Is The Pearl, 1984



Precious Little Pearl

Precious Little Pearl (12inch Version)

It Goes Without Saying

When Daylight Is Over




7 Responses to “A Box Of Toys”

  1. Claudio says:

    A surprise for me! I didn’t follow them in the 80s! Really two good synthpop singles! Thank you Mikey! Maybe you have also the two 12″ released by their lead vocalist Brian Atherton as The Light (Pride of winning – Contrasting strangers)? Best regards Claudio

  2. antonio says:

    band with a sound similar to China crisis
    I love China crisis,more pop that synthpop
    with folk touches.the singles are very good
    good and sophisticated musical arrangements
    real musicians and a singer with a voice very
    emotional.China Crisis put the first stone
    with your personal style,groups followed as
    This Final Frame,this, care and many others.
    Elegant electronic pop with touches folk of
    quality.thank you very much for uploading
    best regards

  3. vanya says:

    please can upload it once again the files are deleted and i’ve been looking for these for so long and i couldnt find it anywhere. thanks :E

  4. Profil says:

    Can you please, please upload it one more time. I have just discovered this band on youtube. Very, very good early eighties synthpop.

  5. dave says:

    I.T.O.Y.N is such a wonderful wonderful song. It takes me back to my early teens when I first fell in love with music. it reminds me so much of the absolutely brilliant Janice long, who’s show was on radio 1 and was more poppy than john peel. Comsat angels, pale fountains, lotus eaters etc. It was such a great time for non-macho, sensitive pop music. I really think this kind of music is returning. people want something authentic and heartfelt again. It shows people stil remember and love this kind of stuff. Thanks for the downloads and the positive comments everybody. Peace and love to you all. Stay beautiful and keep that light shining inside of you,always. We know best!

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