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Repost – Wednesday, A New Morning, 1979


Side One

Overture For A New Morning

This Train Is Going Nowhere


A Tender Nightmare

I Am The Moon

Side Two

Tell Me-I´ll Be There

The Moses Scandle

T.V. Traumma

A Way To Get Hight

Wish You Well

Custer´s Last Dream (Repise)

Produced by John Acock

Wednesday is;

Gary Gordon. Acoustic guitar,synthesizer guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals

Chris Franklin, Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals

Frank Turba, Keyboards, lead vocals, backing vocals

Joachim Hubner, Drums, percusion, backing vocals

Delter Goy, Bass guitar, backing vocals


Nice aor rock from Wednesday, at times a little like Foreigner especially on my favourite track Breakaway. Other tracks worth a listen are A Tender Nightmare the ballad Wish You Well, T.V. Trauma and the single, The Train Is Going Nowhere. Another single from the album was the poppy A Way To Get High.

6 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. Grapher says:

    Link is Diad..((( Please update the links.
    A very long time looking for this album .. I saw on your site, but the download did not work. Link died.

  2. Grapher says:

    Thank you very much!
    And whether you have the album Wednesday – A Way to Get High in 1978?

  3. Grapher says:

    The archive does not get 2 track – This Train Is Going Nowhere((( ? You do not have it?

  4. Grapher says:

    I’m sorry. Found 2 track.))) There are 2 to 1.)))

  5. Grapher says:

    Album listen. Thank you! Many tracks are liked.
    Sorry, that sounds too high (frequency) when recording from the disc. There is a rattle. ((

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