Warm Guns | Fade 2 Grey

Warm Guns

Repost – Warm Guns, Italiano Moderno, 1982


Side A

Can´t Give Or Take Anymore

Wild Life

Luckie Talkie


The Young Go First

Heart Of Stone

Side B


Magic Motions

Hard Luck

Golden Dreams


Break Or Bend

Lars Hybel- Guitars & Bass

Frank Lorentzer – Guitars & Keyboards

Jens G. Nielser – Drums & LDV

Lars Muhl – Vocals & Keyboards

Side A

Produced by Nils Henriksen

Side B

Produced by Rod Houison

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Warm Guns were a Danish band that were inspired by English New Wave and Elvis Costello, they released five albums. Italiano Moderno included the singles Wonderkids, Arrivederci and their Danish hit single The Young Go First which was also a track from their Instant Schlager album. Other tracks of note here are the ballad Heart Of Stone,Luckie Walkie and Break Or Bend.

If you can get over the Elvis Costello similarities you should enjoy this new wave album, I know I do.

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