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Uropa Lula

Uropa Lula, Our Love Has Just Begun, 1982



This is first single from Uropa Lula who were David Lloyd , Keyboards and vocals, Allan Dais, Bass guitar, Peter Fromm, keyboards Andrew Edge Drums and percusion, Chester Kamen, guitar and Carol Isaacs, keyboards.

Our Love Has Just Begun is a fab synthpop track which is very infectious and so should have been a hit, the B-Side is also a fantastic, an atmosperic song called I´ve Suddenly Remembered Somthing.Love the single sleeve too.

I have also included the 12inch version of the A-Side which was on the Hardest hits vol 1

For more info on the band check out their excellent website here

Download 7 inchVinyl 

Including Our Love Has Just Begun (Extended)

3 Responses to “Uropa Lula”

  1. Lera says:

    I’m so glad I managed to download this release prior to closing the site. Thank you!

  2. antonio says:

    band that time forgot
    that made an excellent electronic pop
    elegant and quality care,I really like.
    mike’s blog is precisely for this
    bands forgotten,rare and marginalized by
    the recording industry more stale and radical
    thanks for uploading friend

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