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The Rescue

Repost -The Rescue, Fashion Lies, 1989

Side One
Fashion Lies
I´m Alive
Knocking On Heavens Door

Side Two
The Recue
Voices Of Riot

The Rescue Are
Ingo Meyer, Vocals Guitar
Christian Kurten Bass Vocals
Jurgen Mallasch, Guitar Vocals
Dietmar Honing, Drums Vocals

Produced by


I bought this mini album by the Rescue thinking it was the same band who recorded Messages,It is not them.
If anyone knows any more info about this band I would love to give more info here.
The Rescue sound a little like Bauhaus and The Mission at times.This seven track mini album has some good moments,The title track is for me the best song here,and then probably I´m Alive.
As I have been living with this album for a few weeks now it has grown on me and I also like the song The Rescue.
There is also a live version of Knocking On Heavens Door (although I ´m not sure if the audience sound has been added later )but a decent version all the same.
When the album arrived I was pleased to see marbled vinyl which I havn´t seen for years,great fun.

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  1. EdYaRio80s says:

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Good Song “Memories”

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