The Mighty Wah! | Fade 2 Grey

The Mighty Wah!

The Mighty Wah!, A Word To The Wise, 1984

Side One

Yuh Leanr 1



The Lost Generation

YUH Lear 2

I Know Ther Was Something

Side Two

YUH Learn 3

In TheBleak/Body ´N´ Soul/Midwinter

Papa Crack(God´s Lonely Man)

What´s Happening Here

YUH Learn 4

Come Back (The Story Of The Reds)

Some good tracks on this album which was a big UK hit – no 28-on the back of the single Come Back which reached UK no 20. Weekends was also a single. Other than the singles my favourite track is I Know There Is Somthing.


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