The Great Divide | Fade 2 Grey

The Great Divide

Request, The Great Divide, Money And Time,










Money & Time

Who Broke The Love Bank

The Dying Art Of Conversation

Whispered In Heaven

It´s Got To Be Love

Wise Up



Bless My Soul

Wall After Wall

Animation Dub

Who Broke The Love Bank (7″ Single Version)

It´s Got To Be Love (Mega Mix)

Money & Time(Expansive Mix)






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3 Responses to “The Great Divide”

  1. alex says:

    Thank you Mikey.Hewerdine wonder.

  2. david says:

    mike goodnight
    a while ago, about two hours
    we got my wife, my two daughters and myself
    spending three days of Holy Week with our
    family of Lugo (Galicia).’ve turned on your computer
    just now,I go to your blog to take a look
    and I see it as standing on top quality collection
    group The Great Divide.,The Great Divide – Money and Time
    and is a gem, there are songs that I had never heard
    sounds great, glad The hateful Monday
    that is about to
    one million million thanks
    for taking the time to look this hard for me
    for a course that will double effort
    they had it in one of those chests of good music
    you have over there in that big attic where good
    music will always be present while in your hands
    you are the guardian of a bit of culture
    he did, does and will happily
    a lot of people worldwide.
    well almost everyone, I hope so,
    all someday, and you contribute to that day
    is not a dream with your generosity.
    never had to put locks on doors and culture
    if this is good does not hurtand happy people
    of all races and social status
    music is feeling and soul, dreams and freedom.
    brings out the best in you and is a drug that hooks you though
    no kills, heals, unites you to other, makes you generous
    and want to share with others, it makes you remember
    and learn what they are and what should never be.
    the soul and the music are immortal and that does not stop
    in this world any door or lock.
    and you can not put doors to heaven.
    many thanks my friend
    While writing this book,
    sorry for the extensive
    it’s Monday
    but this will be different
    thanks to you friend

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