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The Fixx

Repost- The Fixx, Shuttered Room,Plus Non Album B-Sides 1982

I´d forgot just how good this classic debut album from the Fixx was. The Album reached UK No 54. So many wonderful singles, Stand Or Fall, UK No 54 Lost Plane (the first Fixx single I bought) Red Skies, UK No 57 and Some People. They could have easily released Cameras In Paris and Shuttered Room as singles  both fantasic tracks. It´s a shame they were never recognised in the UK.I did my bit buying picture disc´s and 7 and 12inch singles.

The reason I´m posting the album isbecause it was a request from 22ndwave for the shorter version of Sinking Island which isn´t out there. Enjoy this excellent album again.


Vinyl Download

Single B-Sides


I´ve Been Here Before

The Strain

I Found You

Is It By Instinct


5 Responses to “The Fixx”

  1. soundmill says:

    Hi There

    Excellent site, very nice items in the Rip It up section.

    Any chance of sharing the 7″ and 12″ from The Fixx.


  2. 22ndWave says:

    Thank you for going to the trouble of ripping this! And for getting these images up. It is a stunning debut from an underrated band. Shuttered Room has such a nice ‘vienna-era ultravox’ quality to it.
    Do you have a copy of ‘the diamonds e.p.’ by Hard Rain from 1988 with ‘Diamonds’, ‘Monkey House’, ‘Love Burns’ and ‘Rest In Peace’ on it?

  3. david says:

    hi mike
    Am I bothering you much lately,
    but it’s for a good cause.
    music, you have my appreciation and no rush,no hurry.
    sorry to insist and I repeat, no rush friend.
    It is time to remember this masterpiece of 80
    when you have time and can
    and slowly, I appreciate, is a gem
    and you have to wear it.
    not if you will have the B-sides of this record
    if have them,are welcome,if not no problem.
    Thank you for everything

  4. david says:

    hello mike
    good morning
    as you say.
    I do not understand the non-recognition
    they were not given in the country of their birth.
    if you’ve done your mike, you have good taste in music.
    those who do not, too bad for them.
    because they enjoy music lost one of the best
    new wave groups of the eighties.
    thank you very much for uploading this gem
    and the b sides,that are another gem.
    Thanks again for your effort friend
    good weekend to you and yours

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