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The Explorers

The Explorers, The Explorers, 1985.

Ship Of Fools
Breath Of Life
Venus De Milo
Soul Fantasy
Crack The Whip
Prussian Blue
Two Worlds Apart
Robert Louis Stevenson
You Go Up In Smoke
Falling For Nightlife


The Exploreres were Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay from Roxy Music along with James Wraith.
This really could of been a Roxy Music album and the record company spent a lot of time promoting this band.I went to see them live in Nottingham and they were fantastic live,it was great to see them in a small venue.I love Andy´s sax playing.
There was four singles from the album,Falling For Nightlife,Venus De Milo, Lorelei and Two Worlds Apart.If theses had been by Roxy i´m sure they would of been hits.

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Wow. This is a great find. Ordinarily, I won’t chance a whole album by an unknown artist but the Roxy connection was too good to resist. And yet, not an exact replica. The sound has a little bit more bite than Avalon-era RM. I was a bit worried about the absence of Ferry, but Wraith is up to the challenge. A track I didn’t really care for was the ABC knock-off Two Worlds Apart. But the rest was very tasty indeed!

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