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The Cut

Re-Post, The Cut, *Silent Movies*, 1982

Side One

Evening Sky

Silent Movies

Now And Then

…And They Move

Side Two

Red Light

Dance On Glass

Working In A Fever

The Oildance


Produced by Goran Anderson & The Katzenjammer Kids


This is my favourite Cut album and includes the classic tracks Dance On Glass which was a single and Red Light. Other songs of note are Evening Sky, … And They Move.

This really is a great 80´s album from Norway, enjoy.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Hey,would u ever consider upping this somewhere else?Been looking for this awhile…not sure why I just now found it 🙁

  2. antonio says:

    second lp of the cut and as the first
    is very good.their sound is still
    Electronic pop, elegant and sophisticated
    japan style.which is good and says a lot
    of the quality of the band.
    mike thanks for uploading
    I appreciate

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