The Citizens | Fade 2 Grey

The Citizens

Repost – The Citizens, The Citizens, 1982



No One*



Persona Vacation

The Club


Satisfy The Citizens**

The Supers

Normal Hero

The Hunter

Life Support

Produced by Mal Luker

* Produced by Spectre and Monroe

** Produced by Mike Robinson

Vocals, Synthesizers; Del Wilson

Guitars; Tim Cox, Ross Record, Jim Covington

Keyboards; Jimmy Spectre

Drums; Mike Whitford, Milos Lewis, Paul Robinson

Bass; John Falleti, Bernie Monroe

String Vests; John Falleti

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I first heard The Citizens on a New Wave Complex compilation which featured the track The Club. I was hooked and sought out this their self-titled album.The Citizens ia a great album which also included the excellent single Satisfy The Citizens. Other tracks I enjoy are No One, Failsafe, Life Support, Normal Hero and The Hunter.On the whole a really good album.I don´t know if this was their only album but I´m hoping I´m wrong as I´d like to hear more from the band.

6 Responses to “The Citizens”

  1. lobo1945 says:

    weekend of good music,courtesy of yours.
    powerful new wave band,wow is super.
    this is music.80s best.
    good job mike.
    many thanks.

  2. 80zforever says:

    Hey Mikey, awesome share. I have a copy of this LP and wanted to rip it for 4 rare 80s series, but I found out the vinyl had not aged well and would skip here and there (I have not aged well either hahahah) thanks man, you are not only one of the best bloggers but also a great person. I noticed how readily you fulfill the requests you get. No attitudes and no selfishness. just pure love for music. Cheers my man.


  3. alex says:

    Good album,Mikey. Reapload please. Alex.

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