The Bamboo Fringe | Fade 2 Grey

The Bamboo Fringe

The Bamboo Fringe, The Lifes And Times Of…1985


Side 1

The Hands Of Time

Turn On The Lights

Happy In Our Home

Side 2

Under Attack

All Too Safe

Life And Times

 This is the sole album by The Bamboo Fringe, it only has six tracks but is well worth a listen, as I said on a previous post Turn On The Lights is a different recording much more minimal than the single version. All Too Safe is a great track too. As Gerry is also a sax player as well as vocalist we get plenty of gorgeous sax running through the album along with the ´synths. Happy In Our Home could well have been a single an upbeat catchy synthpop song.

Visit Gerry´s site here where you can listen to more music and buy his latest recordings here



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