Tansads | Fade 2 Grey


Request – Tansads, Shandyland, 1991



Wood In Th´Hole

Right On

Big Wednesday

Feed Me




No More

London´s Burning

Spirit Move

Big Bad Devil


A request from Mark for a couple of Tansads album´s so here is the first from 1991, I´m not sure what you´d label them as but Alternative folk Rock would not be too far off the mark.

I like the way that Janet Anderton and Andrew Kettle take lead vocals on various songs on offer here, –Janets´s voice sound great on London´s Burning-

This is not my usual music I listen to but there are a few songs here that I really like, No More,the gorgeous ballad  Horses and Reason To Be

Sorry about the tags late night!!

Up The Shirkers 1993


Eye of the Average
Brian Kant
Zig Zig
Music Down
Waste of Space
Chip Pan Ocean
English Rover
John John
Reason To Be
Tune On, Tune up, Drop Out, Be Late
Up The Revolution


And here is another of their albums enjoy:)

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