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Suzy Andrews

Suzy Andrews, Lover, 1985

Side 1


Side 2

Ciao Charlie

Link Removed soon to be available again

Suzy Andrews with her rare 12inch single Lover which is one of those songs that gets under your skin, this is one of my favourite tracks by Suzy I love the way she sings on this track. Side two is Ciao Charlie is a fab chilled tune. Again the sleeve is by Pierre & Giles, just stunning and this is why I wondered whether there was a full album, featuring this 12inch and the Get Me 12inch. Perhaps someone out there knows more info?

Suzy Andrews Facebook Page is now live, check it out and click the like button on the page.

and  the Suzy Andrews Myspace page has exclusive photos and info about her music.

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  1. Steve says:

    This track is amazing!!!
    really great !!!
    Thank You

  2. adminmike says:

    Hi Joel, again this is exclusively available at Suzy´s fab site, link below

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