Snatch | Fade 2 Grey


Repost – Snatch, Snatch, 1983




All I Want

Second Rater





Trial By Fire

Radio AD 1978

Dead Heat

When I´m Borded


Shopping For Clothes


Black Market

Patti Palladin and Judy Nylon were Snatch and I first came across them via the John Peel radio show when he first played Brian Eno´s Kings Lead Hat and the B-Side  which featured Snatch R.A.F. in 1978 (and still sounds good today-love the ending- although I´m sure mine used to say No Sacrifce at the very end).

This album is a collection of their singles along with solo singles and demos by both Patti and Judy. More info on the tracks can be found in the inner sleeve scans. Beware this is not a great rip as it has more than a few clips here and there but the songs do shine through.


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  1. mike says:

    No joke, you really are becoming the place to vist every day!
    Don’t know f you’ve already poted it as part of your covers compilations but Judy Nylon’s Jailhouse Rock does just that with a nice sleazy groove.

  2. Joel Goodsen says:

    Waiting for a new link if that is possible Mikey, Thanks a lot, naturally

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