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Sharks, Like a Black Van Parked on a Dark Curve, 1995

Perfect Days
Gone To The Dogs
Cry Like A Baby
Wake Me When Its Time To Dance
White Man
Jimmy Bell
The First Thing
Die For Love
Cant Stop Thinking About Me
Blues Rags And Hollers
The Shadow Knows

Steve Parsons/ Snips,vocals / guitars
Chris Spedding,guitars / bass / keyboards
Jackie Badger,bass
Pete Thomas,drums
Simon Etchell,keyboards

produced by ,Steve Parsons/Snips and Chris Spedding

recording at Milo Studios, London in March 1993

CD Rip

I thought I was going to be disappointed with this album after reading a few reviews but no great to here them back together and Snips/Steve´s vocals are great as is Chris´s guitar work.
This is the lost third Sharks album and if you enjoyed the first two you wont be disappointed.
There are many great songs here Perfect Days,Blues Rags And Hollers,Cant Stop Thinking About Me and Die For Love.

As a bonus I went to the local car boot last week (this is what promoted this post)and found the single Kung Fu and non album B-Side Elevator Dancing

The single picture sleeve was the same both sides and why do all the singles in Tenerife have holes in them,people cant all have juke boxes?

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  1. Jon Maclean says:

    I have been a great fan of Sharks over the years. I just thought I would point out a small error in your essay about the band. “Like A Parked Van…” was the re-formed group’s third released album (which was recorded in 1993 and finally released in 1995), but it was not the “lost” album from 1974. As I understand it, the third album was to be called “Music Breakout” and as the band originally broke up in October 1974, that album was never released. As well as the title track, other songs (some of which had been played live at the time) included “My Oh My Oh My”, “Ginger Man”, “The Shadow Knows”, “Colours” and “The Six Million Dollar Robbery”. I had always hoped the album would be released in some form one day, but that has not been the case.
    Snips (Steve Parsons) and Spedding have also reunited again last year as King Mob and their CD “Force 9” was released in October last year.

    Hope this information is of use to you.

  2. Jon Maclean says:

    Wow, thanks so much for providing the download for the Kung Fu single. I didn’t notice the link when I replied to you the other day. I knew of that single back in ’74, but had never imagined getting hold of a copy, so it is quite weird to finally get to hear the only officially released Sharks track (Elevator Dancing) I didn’t already have covered, some 38 years after it was released !!!
    I still believe Snips is a fantastic vocalist (despite Andy Fraser’s recent uncomplimentary remarks) and it is a pity he has done so little recording over the years, but I gather he made a very good living composing for films and TV.
    But thanks again Mike for posting those tracks, as they say, you have made my day!

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