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Scooter, Charm, 1982

Side 1 Side 2
Sail Away Don´t Let Me Out
Memories No Time To Lose
Will I Ever Recover (From You) Rubber Holiday
Say You Will Another Day
Get It Up Time Goes By
Red Light


Vocals: PietVan Den Heuvel

Guitar: Jan Verheyen

Bass: Jo Duchateau

Keyboards: Pit Verlinde

Drums: Herwig Duchateau

 This Scooter is the Begian band from the 80´s they were originally called  Scooter On The Road and released a couple of singles under this name, Tatoo Turkey and Pepermint Girl which also appeared on thier first Scooter album One By One 1981. Charm was their second album, they released one last album called Oblivion in 1983.Charm is a synth/new wave/mor album that included the single Will I Ever Recover From You. Other highlights are Red Light, Time Goes By and  Sail Away.

Scooter, Oblivion, 1983


Side 1 Side 2
The Other Side Cool It Down
Nothing Left To Leave Broken Hearts
Fool For You On And On

Not my rip but I wanted to share to complete the albums ( thankyou  to the original up loader )

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5 Responses to “Scooter”

  1. Thanasis says:

    Hallo from Greece. Can you post and the other two albums??
    Also another great band was the : Toy, Novo combo, Broken Home, Food Band.
    Keep on …………………

  2. Luca says:

    Any chance to repost this album and the 2 singles (You – Minute by minute)? Greetings, Luca

  3. James says:

    It’s seems, to me at least, that the downlaod link on the word “download” does not work. Am I right?
    Thanks in advance for this rare album.

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