Rodway | Fade 2 Grey


Re-Post Rodway, Horizontal Hold,


Side one

I Am Electric

Leaving Your World

Dont Stop Trying

Dear One (You¨re No Good For Me)

Side Two

Don´t Knock Till You Try It

X-Ray Eyes

I´d Give You Anything

Dotted Line

Living On An Island

Produced by Mark Liggett and Steve Rodway

Vinyl Download

I was really looking forward to hearing this album,I loved the single,Don´t Stop Trying (still do great track ) and thought the single I Am Electric was ok so I went and bought the album at last.Well I was really pleased with the sleeve and the inside has the lyrics which is a bonus.

Then to the album itself.

It is a lot more poppy than I was expecting with it´s sub Jackson´s Don´t Knock It ´Til You Try It, and the light weight Dotted Line and X-Ray Eyes.

I Am Electric is to me still just ok and I´m finding I hit the next button when playing the album.

I was looking on Youtube for his video´s and it seems many people out there know the ballad I´d Give You Anything,for me very cheesy but ok.

The album has grown on me a little over the past few weeks as I have played it a lot and I´m glad I have heard it ( another one off the list ).

My favourite track other than Don´t Stop Trying is Living On An Island.

I also bought a 12inch of I´m Electric/Don´t Knock It ´Til You Try It but they were not extended versions as it said on the sleeve.



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  1. Jenny says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  2. fiftypercent says:

    Hi Mikeyten, thanks for posting this. I just ripped a whole bunch of new stuff at home in the US last month, feel free to stop by the blog and check them out as I post them!!

  3. Joel Goodsen says:

    Fantastic post once again, but dead link…

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