Richard Mazda | Fade 2 Grey

Richard Mazda

Richard Mazda, Hands Of Fate, 1984

Side One
Eyes On Fire
Hands Of Fate
Book Of Rules

Side Two
Let’s Think
Last Week, This Week
The Crack For ’84



Produced & Arranged by Richard Mazda

Richard Mazda vocals, keyboards, guitars, programming, tapes (+bass on cut 7)
Peter Doyle trumpets
Boris Williams drums
Bill Pittman bass & backing vocals
Louis Rivera congas & latin percussion
Yolanda Goodwin backing Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Marsha Hunt, The Fleshtones, Rene and Europa, Wendy Wild, Jason Bell, Greg Young, Wayne Baker, Joe Nanini, Marc Moreland, Steve Laurie, Mark Wilkinson, David Rogers and Ebo

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Richard Mazda is best know for being the in house producer for IRS Records and worked with The Birthday Party, The Fall and Wall of Voodoo.
He was in the band The Cosmetics before he released this his only solo album.
A good album from Richard Mazda which reminds me a little of early Spandau Ballet (when they were good!)
Richard also is an actor and appeared in the British soap Eastenders.

Johannesburg & Eyes On Fire/Book Of Rules 1983

Check out Richards site here

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