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Promised Land

Repost – Promised Land, Promised Land, 1992


Circle In The Square

You, You Monkey

Flowers In The Desert


All Dressed Up For The End Of The World

You Haunt My Heart

I Don’t Wanna Be Like You

Be Somebody


Big Blow

Who’s Controlling The Weather?


Promised Land were Nick Feldman from Wang Chung and Jon Moss from Culture Club, Heartbeat UK, The Edge etc…

This is a perfect Sunday morning chill-out album with some wonderful laid back tunes. I´´m surprised it is not more widely known about. The album included one singles as far as I can tell, Circles In The Square, there are many more tracks here that will delight.

Check out their other fab cover of Something In The Air here

6 Responses to “Promised Land”

  1. Claudio says:

    A good album from an underated band! Something in the air is a fantastic song! Thank you Mikey!

  2. adminmike says:

    Your welcome

  3. 1980-F says:

    Maybe I’m blind (or deaf?), but I can’t find “Something In The Air” on the album. (???)

    Thanks anyway.

  4. Efstathiou Stathis says:


    the link for “Something In The Air” is deap.

    Can you, please, repost it?

    Thank you very much


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