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Private Lives

Repost -Private Lives, Living In A World (Turned Upside Down) 1984


Side 1

Living In A World (Turned Upside Down)

Side 2


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This track was taken from their album Prejudice And Pride which you can get here at Mine For Life, you can also find John Adams solo album Strong there.Living In A World(Turned Upside Down) was a UK hit reaching 53 and was their only hit. The B-Side Breakup wasn´t on the album.

John Adams and Morris Michael


4 Responses to “Private Lives”

  1. lobo1945 says:

    Elegant new wave,new romantic,whit a touch
    of synthpop,of the glorious 80s.the lp is very good
    the voice of John Adams is favorite
    track is,no chance you’ll pay.pure new romantic
    whit a powerfull bass.great.
    very thanks mike.

  2. Jenny says:

    “No Chance You’ll Pay”, “River To A Sea”, “God Only Knows” and “Break The Whole Thing Down” … GREAT album! It really deserves to be remastered on CD!!!

  3. Martijn van Heeringen says:

    thanks for this!

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