Philip D´Arrow | Fade 2 Grey

Philip D´Arrow

Philip D´Arrow, Sub Zero, 1980

Side One

Night School

The Big Heat

Hard On Love Battle Of The Bands

Kiss Don´t Run

Side Two

Broadway To The Bridge

Your Girl

Upper Side Of Town

Sub Zero

Produced by Jacques & Philip D´Arrow

Joseph James- Lead guitar, Brian Stanley- Bass, Bill Cammarota- Keyboards & harmonies, Roger Murdock- Drums, Philip D´Arrow- Rhythm guitar & vocals.

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I remember originally buying this album and being initally dissapointed as I bought it because of the new wave looking sleeve. The music is actually straight forward rock. I´ve tried to find out more info on Philip but havn´t found anything but this album and another self titled one from 1979. And sadly I did find a Myspace page saying a Philip Darrow had died in 2007 .

Myspace picture of Philip Darrow

8 Responses to “Philip D´Arrow”

  1. David Darrow says:

    Philip was my father. He’d be amazed this was circulating the internet, I’m sure. Sadly, he did pass away in 2007, but it is great that his music still pops up now and then. Thanks for making the page.

    • Rob Gozzer says:

      I worked for Philip as his Sound Engineer in 1980 after his Sub – Zero album release. All I can say about him is that he was very talented and wore a great number of hat’s. I am so sorry to hear about his passing

      • adminmike says:

        Thanks for your comment Rob all the best

      • Joe James says:

        Hi David,
        I was the guitarist on both albums as well as all the shows with your dad Philip. Over the years weve lost touch with each other but I did know of your dads passing. Im grateful to have found this site so I can finally send my best wishes & condolences to you & your family.
        I can go on & on about your dad. He was a VERY cool dude!!! We met in California & made the move back to NYC together. I always had a wish to get together & do those old songs again. I believe if they were re recorded with a more raw sound they would have been more successful. Less record company polish.
        John Palermo was a GREAT engineer & he worked on the 2nd album. He had a very good ear & if given the chance I think the whole package could have sounded incredible with him behind the board & us being able to just straight out ROCK!!!!
        Well God bless Philip Darrow & God bless you & your family.
        IDK if it will be blocked but heres my number.

    • Eric says:

      Mr. Darrow, I was just looking your father up because I have his first record with Burn The Disco Down. I think Phillip was AMAZING. I wish he would have gotten more exposure. His two records are really great! Eric

    • Steve Sneider says:


      I had the pleasure of being a roadie for your father around the time that the 2nd record was being released.

      Your father was a true professional and taught me a great deal about the performance end of the music industry during the short time that I worked with him. Sorry to hear about his passing, my belated condolences to you and your family.

  2. adminmike says:

    Hi David,
    your welcome, and thankyou for your comment Mikey

  3. John Palermo says:

    David, I was the assistant engineer at Electric Studios for Philip’s Sub-Zero album. We became friends and I was their sound man on a couple gigs, including one in Philly when they opened for Gentle Giant. Making the album was a lot of fun and memorable.Your dad was quite a colorful person and I was sorry to hear of his passing. I fondly recall all the times hanging out at Greenwich Village eateries with my girlfriend and the band – lots of laughs.

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