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Pete Wylie

Repost – Pete Wylie, Fourelevenfortyfour, 1987


Side A

Fourelevenfourtyfour (The Last Waltz In Limbo)

Side B

The Marksman

Fourelevenfourtyfour (High On A Rock,Sea Crashing On The Shore)

Thios is the last of my Pete Wylie 12inch single posts and one of my favourite songs from Pete. Foureelevenfourtyfour is pure pop perfection which troubled the UK charts at a low 79, which I think was a crime!! The intro has a slight skip, sorry I tried wvwrtning to sort it but couldnĀ“t.




3 Responses to “Pete Wylie”

  1. Jenny says:

    Cool!!! Love Pete Wylie! It really is a shame it wasn’t a bigger hit!


  2. Sebastian says:

    Great epic ballad from Mr. Wylie. He only released one album under his own name (without the Wah!)?

  3. richie says:

    thanx for more
    vinyl memorys

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