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Panther Rex

Repost – Panther Rex, Panther Rex, 1986

Original album sleeve


Goodbye My Love

Show Me The Way To Your Heart

I Want You Back


Leave Me Alone

Touch Me

High Or Low

Time For Searching

Come Over Tonight

It´s Not Easy

Goodbye My Love (Extended)

High And Low (Extended)

CD Rip Download

This is a nice album from Panther Rex -real name Stephen Slowk- mixing synthpop and Italia disco. The album included two singles Goodbye My Love and High And Low, I thought I´d post it as I have seen the album going for silly prices at Music Stack and Discogs from 25 euros up to 129.00 euros. This is a CD rip from 2008 of the album which includes the  two singles in extended versions.

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  1. Joel Goodsen says:

    Could you, please, re-upload your X-clusive CD-Rip Mikey? Thank U

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